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UK Car Insurance

UK Car Insurance

Is it that time of the year again? Renewal time for the car insurance? Last year, you spent forever on the phone. Sure it was all 0800 numbers, but that canned music just drove you nuts while you were waiting in the queue, didn't it. So now's the time to take the plunge with cheap car insurance online. No need to worry. It's a doddle! There's this really cool search engine that sucks a few bits of information out of you and then spreads it round forty or so of the best insurance companies. These companies have their computers set up to take in your data, look at it and then spit out a quote if they're interested in your business. It only takes a minute or so and then you can expect "results"!

Wow, real results in just a few minutes?

That's right. You get some responses in real time, some by e-mail. So take a look. Compare and contrast. There's no obligation to buy.

Anyway, this whole service is free to you so you've lost nothing by asking for these UK car insurance quotes. If you see possibilities of getting good cover at the right price, you can follow it up with the companies and, if you find a good policy, get your car insured with just a few more details exchanged online or by e-mail or by phone if you prefer talking to a human being (eventually, and to music).

What are the main car insurance policies?

There are three basic kinds of policy sold in the UK. To be legal on the roads, you need the minimum Third Party Policy. This pays out if the way you drive injures someone or damages their property. The next step up is Third Party, Fire and Theft so this adds two situations in which your own losses can be recovered. Finally, a Comprehensive Policy covers both the liability you may incur to third parties and some of your own loss and damage.

What optional extras are available?

Every insurance policy is slightly different. Most of the time, what's covered stays the same but the wording of the policy is different. You need to read each policy before signing up to see what risks are included and, more importantly, what's excluded. You'll also be offered optional extras like:

  • breakdown cover;
  • pay-as-you-go;
  • no claims discount protection;
  • legal protection.

Classifying cars for insurance purposes

Under normal circumstances, the conventional car is easy to insure, but remember that cars are divided into classes or groups depending on their performance, the likelihood they will be stolen, the cost of spares and body parts for repair purposes, and so on. Before you buy any car, make sure you check which group it's in and how much it will cost you to insure. You also need to make special arrangements if you are looking to insure:

  • an imported car - you always need to show the car is suitable for use on British roads so it can be licensed (this may require you to pay import duty and/or VAT and you will need receipts from Customs to get a licence and so be allowed to insure);
  • a collectible or vintage vehicle;
  • one which has been built from a kit;
  • a vehicle with an expensive paint job;
  • a vehicle that has been customised or modified in some way and the result is approved by the DOT, carries a current MOT, etc.