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Uninsured motorists in the UK

With over 3.3 million drivers refusing to purchase car insurance the problem of uninsured motorists seems to be very pronounced in the UK.

In UK one in every ten drivers had the experience of running into an accident with an uninsured driver. That's over 3.3 million motorist in the entire country. And guess who's paying for all these drivers? It's estimated that uninsured motorists cost an additional 30 pounds in higher premiums to all other drivers with valid auto insurance every year. However, the actual cost of dealing with an uninsured motorist can be much higher and could even cause someone their life. A large part of uninsured motorist choose simply to leave the accident scene without even looking whether there was someone injured in the other car.

If you run into an accident with an uninsured driver you better hope that he at least makes part of the group of drivers that try to settle things without using car insurance. This is certainly not the best situation but if the damage is minor and there's no one injured you may choose to settle things personally. However, if the car condition gets worse and leads to a breakdown or accident in the future and you insurance company finds out that you had an accident you didn't report things won't be looking good for your wallet.

You may ask why there are so many uninsured drivers in the UK? The answer is rather simple - it's much cheaper to be uninsured even if you get caught. Sure, the repair, medical and legal costs arising from a serious accident will certainly have a strong financial impact on an uninsured drivers. But let's face it. Paying 50 pounds as a penalty for driving without an insurance is way much cheaper than handing out 2.000 pounds for a fully comprehensive policy if you are a young male driver. It's even less than the fine for overfilling your trash bin, so let's face it - the penalty system is the cause for so many uninsured drivers roaming the roads of UK.

The officials claim that new enforcement programs will be introduced in order to catch uninsured motorist on the road. However, if the fines will be kept the way they are now this will certainly have little effect on the overall number of drivers without insurance. And that would be really unfair because uninsured drivers are known to get involved in accidents five times more often than insured motorists and to cause about 160 deaths every year. So it's definitely not a victimless crime we are talking about.